Saturday, October 28, 2017

Survivor HvHvH Episode 5

       On May 31, 2000, I stood at the stove in my parent's house cooking stir fry with one eye on the television, peaking at vibrant blue Malaysian waters off the coast of Borneo Island. It was the season premiere of Survivor. Outwit. Outlast. Outplay. The adventure intrigued me. By the season finale, when Susan Hawk rips both Richard Hatch and Kelly Wigglesworth new assholes, we were hooked. My parents and I have watched ever since, routing for the more-family-oriented contestants. When I officially moved to Portland three and a half years ago, I started taking notes as I watched each episode to email to my Mom. That way, we can still bond over the show. This season, Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, I will be sharing my thoughts.
+ I’m going into this week already knowing that Roark is going home since Mom ruined it for me by spilling the beans Thursday morning.
+ We didn’t see much of her, but I don’t think it was a huge loss.
+ Regardless, all the suspense was sucked away from my viewing experience this week.
+ Watching the recap, I’m reminded that Cole effed himself last week by spreading secrets. Bummer for him.
+ Ashley about Joe: “I knew you were crazy. But I didn’t think you were crazy and smart!”
+ My heart goes out to the Cowboy. He’s quickly rising to the top of my list this season. It’s weird to be over a month in and I don’t have any favorites yet.
+ I’m so glad they are bringing PSTD awareness to national TV. It affects many people and he’s right, as a civilian, it’s hard to relate. But as long as we are aware, we can be understanding and show kindness.
+ I can't imagine what the popping of the campfire triggers, and I’m sure the campfire is only one of many triggers.
+ I appreciate how vulnerable the Cowboy got with the cameras, but I wonder if he’ll open up to the cast more.
+ Reward challenge: Iced coffee and SCONES! I always want the pastries, I’ll always pass on the coffee. Squatting for hours after coffee on an empty stomach!
+ Fishwoman is sitting the Reward Challenge again?
+ This obstacle course is hilarious! Mouth full of sand as they slitter through the beach. smh
+ Oh, poor Bellhop, he’s lost the ball twice!
+ And a third time. But he tried so hard!
+ I love the sand beards. lol
+ Mmmm. I want that coconut that Bellhop just bit into.
+ Ohhh… Roark is a Social Worker. That's, why, she, talks, like, this, in, some, of, her, interviews, like, we’re, her, clients.
+ Watching Cole eat is disgusting. Why is he licking EVERYTHING?!
+ Fishwoman: “I’m hoping he eats enough that his lips stick together.”
+ Cole’s gotta go.
+ Yay! I’m glad that Jessica and Dr. Mike found the Idol!
+ I’m just realizing the double Tribal Idols are Mother and Daughter statues.
+ These sacks look awful to carry through the water!
+ Damn. Dezzy’s got some thighs! Noticed on the balance beam. I want to see her kick ass in some solo Immunity challenges later in the season.
+ AH! These people need to watch their little fingers while they’re attacking those sacks with those knives!
+ I want to do this maze!
+ Sticky Cole wins Immunity for the team! He’s damn lucky.
+ If Chrissy couldn’t complete the maze, then why hasn’t someone else stepped up to do it?! They’re all just standing there!
+ And now they lose again.
+ I usually love the beach suspense on leading up to Tribal but now that I know the outcome, it has less impact.
+ I’m glad Chrissy is standing up for herself. She’s right, NO ONE else stepped up to help get the maze done!
+ Yes! Then she does it again against Roark. Chrissy is on fire. She deserves to stay.
+ Roark can go. I like the rest of ‘em: Bellhop Chrissy, Ali, and JP. 
+ Roark about Chrissy: “Next time, don’t come for me!”
+ Chrissy about Roark: “I’m outsmarting miss Smarty Pants.”
+ Ohh, scary. Those are some real family-style-reality-TV-fightin’-words!
+ I hope Roark enjoyed her one episode.
+ Hah. Everyone Ali has tried to partner with gets sent home!

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