Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Threatening Gravity

and here is another, that after years, is finally ready to workshop. ready. set. read.

Threatening Gravity

I must have gone mad,
left clutching the bad,
sitting on the bridge, looking over the edge
and staring up, back at the stars.

Listening to the secrets of the wind touching my face,
I declared, I shared,
I told, I showed,
for you I dared my love would grow.

But how do I turn nothing into something out of one thing?
I'm spinning spools of gold from pocket lint.
I'm dreaming as you're deciding, thinking about slipping into the dive,
with no spare shoot to fall and not enough rope to hold onto.

The truth is in my finger prints lifted from your body,
being spread so thin on wings across my heart.
Gently pressing more pins into my map,
I must take flight to leave my mark.

I hear music in the sun rise,
you see the colors but they don't shine
like they did
when you were mine.

Every lifetime has it's moment
but it would take a lifetime to record all of my favorite moments with you.
Each one hitting an unfamiliar kitchen counter without a throw rug to throw down,
as I crawl back up your backbone to find my saving grace.

Gravity threatens
but with your head in my hands and your hands on my lap,
I'll never let go of you, let alone forget you, my love.
You were the first.

nothing says "i love you" like a heart-shaped slab of meat on this valentines day.