Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Buenos Aires - My Top Ten

Hello friends!

I'm back from my Habitat for Humanity Global Village Trip to Buenos Aires and I couldn't feel more fulfilled. I feel grateful. I'm not sad now that the trip is over, instead, I feel educated and empowered. I feel excited. As I try to wrap my mind around the experience, do the math, write my thanks you and put into cohesive sentences, I figured it would be best to start with my Top Ten favorite things about Buenos Aires. Through photos. Here we go.

10. Suckling pig on a spit.

9. Pouring the foundation for an outdoor patio at a senior citizens day facility...

8. and cement mixers.

7. The Tango.

6. The 5 story Habitat for Humanity apartment building…

5. and mastering the art of plastering the walls inside of it.

4. Jacaranda trees and architecture.

3. Volunteers, Habitat families and meeting many local folks from the city.

2. Magical team chemistry (not all present)




1. Ice cream!

Oh and how could I forget?!

Most importantly of course… THE VINO TINTOS! Altos, Don David, Saint Julia… almost any of them as long as it's MALBEC!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Short and Sweet

Hi! Great day today in Buenos Aires! We had a long orientation at the  main Habitat office and learned all about what they do here! Ive for lots of details but those will come later.

We met our first homeowners today too! We went way out to an impoverished community and helped get  their building ready for its roof! Lots of cement mixing! It was 97 degrees today. Then we had one fuck of a storm. Luckily it was quick and after work. Tomorrow should be cooler.

Food here is awesome, though sometimes I don't even know what I'm ordering when I say it! Haha. I need Spanish lessons. The team is diverse in age but all gets along really well with lots of laughs. And every night ends in wine. Malbec. It's Argentinian and cheap. The money system is fucked here and they'll tell you that straight up here. But for us on a food budget, we make out really well. Don't worry, your donations don't go towards my wine! Just straight towards the Argentina Habitat affiliate!

We celebrated out team lead's birthday tonight which brought us all closer.

Tomorrow is a full day and my old NCCC boots are ready at the door!

!Buenos noches sueño con los ángeles!