Tuesday, November 7, 2017


       Earlier this year, in one of my Creative Writing classes, we were given the exercise to recreate a narrative by rearranging lines from lyrics, poems, books, etc. Of course, we were then encouraged to build off of that foundation to write something more original. But here is what I constructed with some of my favorite lyrics written by female singer-songwriters about art, love, confidence, community, politics, not knowing what to say, and what is pop?


You’re only as loud as the noises you make.
I’m learning to laugh as hard as I can listen,
cuz silence is violence.
It’s all in our hands, got to learn to respect
what we don’t understand.
We are fortunates ones, I swear.
I got a bowling ball in my stomach.
I’ve got a desert in my mouth.
Figures that my courage would chose to sell out now.
Could try to sell you out
or I could show you all the reasons
why my ARTPOP could mean anything.
If graffiti on the wall changed anything at all,
it would be illegal.
If scars could go away,
what would you body say?
Don’t ever hide your feelings.
Don’t ask me any questions,
my personal life is a bore.
Admire me in glory, an art groupie.
That’s all.
Life is no cabaret,
we don’t car what you say,
we’re invading you anyway,
you mother fuckers,
you’ll sing someday.
Love is paint and paint is art.
Show me your graffiti heart.

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