Sunday, November 5, 2017

Survivor HvHvH EP 6

      On May 31, 2000, I stood at the stove in my parent's house cooking stir fry with one eye on the television, peaking at vibrant blue Malaysian waters off the coast of Borneo Island. It was the season premiere of Survivor. Outwit. Outlast. Outplay. The adventure intrigued me. By the season finale, when Susan Hawk rips both Richard Hatch and Kelly Wigglesworth new assholes, we were hooked. My parents and I have watched ever since, routing for the more-family-oriented contestants. When I officially moved to Portland three and a half years ago, I started taking notes as I watched each episode to email to my Mom. That way, we can still bond over the show. This season, Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, I will be sharing my thoughts.
       I am so glad for 2-day weekends! Due to a schedule swap last week, I only had 1 day to relax between work weeks. However, this weekend, I have enjoyed live music, writing, napping, pizza delivery, and finishing Stranger Things 2. How cow, that show. I get sucked right into their world, and as scary as it can be, I never want to leave. To help quench my Stranger Things thirst, I watched the after show, Beyond Stranger Things. The creators, the producer and most of the entire cast joined in on the fun to share stories and provide a sneak peek behind the scenes. Highly recommended. Saddened, yet not surprised by the absence of Wynona Rider, though. But now, for a completely different change of pace, I’ve got a Fijian beach to catch up on.

+ Starting the show off the right way. With tears! I wonder how many Survivor tears Fiji has seen.
+ Ali’s gotta wipe those tears and fight harder if she wants to make the merge.
+ Haha! Dr Mike dropped his fish in the fire! Super sweet of him to share though.
+ Cole on the other hand. I certainly wouldn’t miss seeing him on this show if he went next.
+ I’m with Fisherwoman - Unimpressed: “Talk buddy. Talk til your heart can’t talk no more.”
+ Jeff: “The last person voted out… Roark.” And everyone looks at each other like, “who’s that?!”
+ I never want to do anything involving a balance beam. This looks hard!
+ Poor Ashley and Dezzy just can’t get it.
+ Wow. Jeff is actually wading in the water. I never see him get wet!
+ Joe and Cowboy have already lost noticeable weight.
+ Oh, now hungry Cole has to share his precious pizza?! I never even want to share a pizza!
+ I do like JP, so I’m not thrilled Bellhop is thinking about voting his way.
+ I also kinda don’t mind Joe these days. I wouldn’t mind seeing him make it a bit further. But I like Dezzy too, so I hope they don’t go to Tribal.
+ And Cole hits the ground. Not even a medic came out? I wonder if he did it on purpose so Jessica would give him her food.
+ Cowboy: “Before he came out here he should have packed on a few pounds and not worried about his six-pack.” Cut to Lauren nodding seriously in the background.
+ Lauren is sitting out the challenge again? I have a feeling she’ll make the merge, but I’m interested to see how well she does at solo challenges. 
+ This puzzle looks impossible to do with a group of people!
+ Whoever wins certainly deserves it.
+ OMG! I can’t believe how close this is!
+ They are ALL TIED! I can’t believe this!
+ Jeff is shitting himself!
+ Damn. Roark’s team is heading back to Tribal.
+ I have a feeling it’ll be Ali. I like her, but her strategy has sucked, she’s had bad luck and she shouldn’t have yelled at Bellhop earlier.
+ I’ll be sad if Cole makes it further in the game than JP. I like JP a lot.
+ Ali: “I’ve put my loyalty in the wrong person.” Yeah, no shit. All of them.
+ Tribe of 3. They better win or merge next week.

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