Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Want To Be A Peregrine Falcon

The birds were incredible today! I've never been that close to a bald eagle before! The hawks were awesome and after watching the documentary, I want to be a peregrine falcon in my next life, just saying'.

After our tour of all the birds, we painted birds cages and did some landscaping. It was nice to escape the desert for a day, stand under some trees that tower over me.

simeon paints bird cage

The team had some great laughs on the ride home, you should hear Shauna belt out some Green Day! Who knew?! We the team dynamic is high, it's high. When it's low, it's low.

However, I am feeling more and more comfortable here as the days go on! It's beautiful! I enjoy doing physical training to the sound of howling coyotes, I'm learning the curves of the road, I'm still looking for that damn bobcat and  I actually said the words, "I can't wait to slip into my sleeping bag tonight and zip up my tent," the other day!

team physical training: 5am

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