Friday, November 18, 2011

Stone Hedge

The wind is so intense tonight. It's almost as if the team is standing around our tent trying to shake Simeon and myself out. In a way, the flapping tent is somewhat soothing.

Earlier, some of us sat outside and watched the RV's pull in for the weekend. Then we sat around the fire to listen to Michael read aloud and eat fire roasted skewered marshmallows, yellow peppers and garlic bread.

We have an Independent Service Project coming up on Thanksgiving to serve dinner at Town Hall in Julian, California and I am stoked to see the birds at our Birds Of Prey service project tomorrow!

We have physically been overexerting ourselves and verbally working out frustrations on team dynamics. It seems like the team deconstructed itself a few nights ago instead of building a little community. Next week, we'll probably be digging through the same ruble trying to reconstruct the mysterious pyramids built by Green Team 7.

Somehow, we always end up standing at the foot of Stone Hedge, confused of how it got there but taking our steps in stride. We come out strong.

The longest 10 months of my life is well underway.

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