Thursday, October 25, 2012

Own Me (Revisited and Revised)

In honor of "Throw-back Thursdays,"
here is a poem, strongly revised, that in just a couple weeks turns 6 years old
but still burns in passionate skies.

Sunrise In November Sky

It’s pouring outside, come dance with me in the rain.
Stay close because it’s cold
and if you stray too far I may loose you in the fog.
I’ll take you by your hips and spin you around as the drops pelt this cold empty parking lot.
The white lines uniform the wet-with-black pavement.
White doesn’t look clean and sharp when there is no light to make it glow.
The grey clouds loom above the gutted-out maze and cast Sunday shadows on the vacant buildings.
Everyone has gone home to their warm beds for the morning…
that is where I want to be.

I want to burrow into your covers and lay flat beside you on your left.
I want feel our skin slide smooth together,
let our legs mingle and our hands wander.
Let the warmth between us heat up the frost bit room and melt away the ice sculptures of our pasts.
They’ll form bodies of water that reflect our future like a crystal ball.
Should I strain my gaze to penetrate the mirror-like surface and ruin the surprise?
I can't stand too close to the edge for if I fell in with a splash, I’d drown.
Could you revive me?
If you make time slow down, I’ll stay with you here in your place.

I’ll sit on the edge of your bed if you kiss my back.
I want to feel the irregular elevation of your heart bang inside your chest against mine
and to feel your breath on my neck as I draw you up closer to me.
Let me hold you up, up high on a pedestal.
We will make the sun rise.
I’ll let you run your finger tips down my sides if you wrap your arms around me.
Don’t let go; hold me as if I was being pulled away from you, out of your arms,
by the suns nearing appearance.

Hold me.
I’m yours.
Own me.

Own me like the first steps on the moon; lay your flag down on me.
Own me like a front row seat at one of my favorite shows; can you feel the power of sound?
Own me like the road owns the leaves as they fly around my car when I drive up North to lay with you.
If I knew I could stay forever in your eyes
and forever here in your bed,
I know I could let you own me in the morning lit skies.
Face to face, I look into your bottomless eyes.
I know you can taste my smile on the tip of your tongue,
when you press your lips against mine.
I will not let you go until the sun has reached it peak in the mid-day sky.
Hydrate me with your love
and let the beams burn though the blanket and into our minds.
May hands of light descend from above to deem dark's demise.

Though, this morning is a lonely one and only the pelting rain will hydrate me now.
I'll let it seep into my pores and replenish my life.
I’ll walk into the middle of this paring lot,
raise my arms at my sides and sway slowly.
Starting to spin, I'll gaze up at the shades of gray lifeless clouds above me,
let the beads of water burn my eyes,
drip down my cheeks
and collect in the part of my lips.

Then I’ll whisper your name and it will ring sweet and deep in a halo around my head.
I won't let it echo past my ears so that only I can hear it.
I’ll press closed my eyes again and be back in your bed,
owning you,
until the mid-day sun has reached it peak
in the damp,
November sky.

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