Saturday, September 1, 2012

Portland Bound

My flight leaves in 8 hours! I'm a fiery ball of nervous energy as I finish packing and situate all 4 of my bags. I spent today saying goodbye to the important people. I got a visitor from the White Mountains. I drove from Gram's to Gail's. Had a farewell dinner out at Singapore restaurant with my parents and Andrew. Visited a campfire to smooch the baby and say goodbye to some close friends and then I found myself with an audience as I frantically ran around my bedroom counting how many pairs of shoes I'm bringing, bitching about the price of toiletries, getting tangled up in electronics and heaving a very large suitcase onto a teeny tiny scale to double check the poundage of my wardrobe. 43.5 lbs. 

And yes, I'm bringing my dumbbells and packing a bag of dirty clothes that I never got around washing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time home but staying productive made my 5 week New England summer feel just like moments in time. I cleaned the house, cleaned the basement, and helped empty out Gram's house. I helped plan and host a Progen Hootenanny. I saw Batman, Our Lady Peace, visited Portsmouth, swam in the pool, mowed the lawn and most importantly, spent time with my family. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time home and can't help but to prepare for my return in a year. Too soon, I know.

From Cali to Mass back to PDX, I am ready for my next year facing a new job with Habitat for Humanity, living in my own house, learning hands on skills, improving leadership skills and preparing for a better future.

Rain gear: Check
Umbrella: Check
Cute boots: TBD

I'll see all y'all in Portland.

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