Tuesday, October 18, 2011


     It's only day 12 in Sacrament and I feel like I've been here for about three months already! I've been averaging 6.5 hours of sleep a night, which is not enough and each day I've been here feels like the longest day of my life.

     The Corps Members have a lot of trainings. CPR, First Aide, Natural Disaster, Save The Children, Driver's Ed, American Red Cross Shelter, Seminars, games, team building, team meetings or team whatever. I love it, I hate it. I'm learning, I'm living. I'm serving and hopefully I leave this program a better version of myself. What an experience.

     I'm going to the Red Woods for 4 day's of team building at Camp Mendocino with all 7 teams in my unit. My team is so diverse. Half of us are gay, one girl is from Jamaica, another is from the Virgin Islands and we all have short fuses.

my team, akina, nick, michael, shauna, me, jenna, lindsey, simeon, kayla and britt

     Living with 11 other people will bare it's challenges but living with 300 other people on campus is interesting, for sure! Though I have met amazing people who have the same passions as I do. The first three days were crucial for meeting people and I went in there as open and raw as I could be. Some new friends and I have explored downtown Sacramento, and ate at some really good restaurants!

some close freinds, cody, elise, nina, me and elaine

     Yesterday was our first community project. My team served at the oldest and biggest cemetery in town! We did a lot of fall cleaning landscaping. I was all up in 2 rose bushes, pruning away. I'm totally sliced up from thorns. Still have thorns in my sweatshirt. But getting away from campus felt great and it was amazing to get things done for my new community.

rose garden cemetery

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