Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'm On Top Of The World, 'Ey!

Imagine Dragons - Top of the World

Alright, back to the music, been busy with the remodel at work lately.

Last month, when I was asked what my favorite song of 2013 was, I automatically spit out Imagine Dragons - Top of the World… then I realized it came out the year before. #fail

BUT, it was that question that actually what prompted me share my favorite songs in my blog all 2014 long instead of a "30 Day Challenge," cause I don't have that kind of discipline! 

This is simply the best song to get you focused and amped during yoga. Just sayin'.

PS. Happy Game Day y'all! #championships #niiiineeers #NEpats #seeyouattheSuperBowl,BrunoMars

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