Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big Diff

Day 5.

I was honored when my good friend Carolyn, who runs the blog, Stimulate Your Passion asked me to write her a reference for a position at a camp she just applied for. Granted, I was a little slower than she would have liked me to be completing it (sorry!) these are some of the things I wrote about Carolyn.

"Carolyn cares… her motivation and willingness to serve have proved her to be a prize to any program she is a part of... her enthusiasm and smile are infectious and excite people wherever she goes... she sets goals for herself and can see the "big picture"... more of today's youth need a mentor like Carolyn, who can help them see the positive side of life and help them, help themselves to make a better difference in their future."

- Closer To Colin

I love people who love people. We can make a big difference if we all help someone out.

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