Friday, May 18, 2012


The next four weeks are going to be a breath of fresh air.

My team mate Lindsey and I have BOTH been selected, out of 50 applicants, for the SAME composite team! Composite teams are designed to give the Corps Members who apply a fresh experience on a completely different team.

Lindsey and I applied for the same project and on Team Reveal Day, were surprised to see we both made it to the team of just 7 Corps Members and one office Support Team Leader acting as field Team Leader.

This turns our final round, Round 4 into a "tri-round."

We will first hit the road in our new van, en route to Eagle Lake, outside Susanville, CA. For a week, we will serve at Camp Ronald McDonald before the season starts to restore a historical 100 year old roof with HistoriCorps, out of Denver, Colorado.

After our week of roof-work, we will pack up again and head North, back to Portland, Oregon for three more weeks! Our new team, which has a few different names but is mainly referred to as Gold 1000, will be starting a community garden at the Native American community center, Wisdom of the Elders. This will be a special project because the non-profit is located at its co-founder Rose High-Bear's residence in South East Portland and we will be residing in her garage!

AmeriCorps NCCC will then fly Lindsey and I down to Los Angeles County to rejoin with Green 7 in the San Bernardino Mountains for our final month of service at Camp de Beneville and Camp Tahquitz!

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