Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Colorful Colin

     I was raised an only child in Leominster Massachusetts, an hour outside of Boston, in the same house my entire life. Keeping a journal since the age of seven, I’ve kept a watchful eye on the world around me.

     I have learned to be intuitive and sensitive, but have had plenty of lessons in realism. I refuse to feel negative about myself and struggle to gain self confidence and sustain exuberance. Art, music, photography and word structure are my passions. The music of the Indigo Girls has been a constant inspiration in my life. I play guitar and mandolin, crave hot summers and a sense of community, write poems, essays, short stories and reviews; I create play-lists of my favorite songs, read tarot cards and decoupage volatile visuals.

      High school graduation was the most achieving day of my life and was a bridge to my associate’s degree in general studies and continuing my hard work in overlapping retail jobs. My enthusiasm comes from community service and making people happy. If I can bring someone joy, I am one step closer to my goal of changing the world. I strive in my pursuit to someday soon, serve in the United States Americorps in their mission to reinforce community and expand leadership skills through team-based service projects.

      My main goal is to become an abundantly published writer. My supplementary aspirations are enduring more education in a talent like journalism or perhaps travel and tourism. I would love to write editorials on places or events for travel magazines or even reviews for music magazines. Someday I may even own my own coffee shop, bar, or book store; all are ideas of the future or "long-term goals," but today I need to focus on “the now.” I need to focus on what I have the ability to accomplish, like learning how to play the piano.

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